Future Super Heroes

By Jordan McCarthy

Meet Miles and Levi. Two 5th grade boys attached at the hip. With combined energy, enthusiasm, and wit, this dynamic duo takes on the halls of Durham's Club Boulevard Elementary School. Like the heroes they worship, Mile and Levi are prepared for each new battle, one four square court at a time.

Mr. Nicholson's Kindergarten

By Breanna Atkinson

Mr. Nicholson is teaching all of us that school is more than counting to 100 or knowing your ABC's. It's a time to make friends, discover, and most importantly, learn to love yourself and others.

Karrell Francis

By Katie Diaz

Karrell Francis, a 3rd grader at Club, is still trying to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up, but whatever he chooses he knows his family will be with him every step of the way.

Making Melodies

By Nick Andrade

At the afterschool KidzNotes program, Tokay Allen and Sarah Moore bring music to the lives of the underprivileged at Club Boulevard, teaching them to make melodies with their voices and violins.

Two Super Sisters

By Rinchen Dolma

Emily and Andrea Garcia are the two super sisters at Club. At school they are like any other American elementary students, they play, work and laugh with their friends. However, at home they are the big sisters and they are the role models for their younger siblings.

Ms. Wall's Class Family

By Mary Wilson

Ms. Wall has 'looped up' with some of her students since second grade. Now in their last year together at Club, Ms. Wall's class is experimenting, busing through doors and enjoying this community before heading off to separate middle schools.

Playing is Learning and Leading in K-1

By Betty Chen

The busy bees in Ms. Overby's K-1 class spend all day playing and working with their friends in class. But along the way, they're also learning important lessons about school and life that will last them a lifetime.

The Girl with the Green Hair

By Grace Oathout

Claire Leslie, a fourth-grader in Ms. Whaley's class, is intelligent, imaginative and constantly raising her hand. To boot, Claire attends AIG classes with Ms. Lequire, and doesn't let anyone dictate what she can and can't do.

The Growth of Club

By Kyle Francis

With many things, the behind the scenes work is taken for granted. Victor Gordon and the Garden Club are no exception. Victor uses his love of gardening to give back to his children's school.

Mr. Moses

By Meade Inglis

Mr. Moses: the weathered hands that care for this building, during and beyond the school day.

Ms. Phillips

By Ge Jin

Ms. Phillips became the principal of Club Boulevard Elementary School in July, 2015. Although new to Club, she has become the best friend of every student and staff. Look inside and see her great personality in the busy and colorful life of a principal.

Ms. Hopkins

By Xirui Liu

Ms. Hopkins is the only dance teacher at Club Boulevard. Her passion in dance and caring personality transform her classroom into a place where students discover the beauty of movement.

Friday Clubs

By Austin Sanders

Friday Clubs give children at Club Boulevard the opportunity to take part in special activities of their choice to transform their education experience.

Hooray for Henry Holden!

By Lauren Hagedorn

Welcome to the world of Henry Holden, a lovebug, deep thinker, bug enthusiast, and dragon tamer in Ms. Reuther's kindergarten class.

It's Always Aja

By Brittain Hughes

Aja Johnson, Club Boulevard's guidance counselor, is the bright and bubbly backbone of Club's chaos. She is every student's 'at school mom.'