Future Super Heroes

By Jordan McCarthy

Levi Stine and Myles Ettus have been best friends since Kindergarten. Now in 5th grade, these two have the power to light up a room with their combined wit and energy. Side by side they take on the halls of Club, conquering one four square court at a time. Like the superheroes they admire, Mile and Levi are destined for greatness.

It has truly been a privilege to work with Myles and Levi. When I walk the halls of Club with these goofballs, I instantly feel stress free. This project has been a welcomed reminder of what is truly important in our day to day life : a child’s smiles, the value of play, and the support of a best friend. A huge thanks to Myles and Levi for letting me be your paparazzi and to Mrs. Lord for welcoming me into her classroom.