It's Always Aja

By Brittain Hughes

Aja Johnson is Club Boulevard's guidance counselor for over two-thirds of the students. She is consistently there for the children when needed, and always knows how to best handle any situation. She is able to provide students with the strategies they need to solve their problems and hopes that they will learn how to approach their issues personally through communication with peers and teachers.

Her supportive relationship with her parents has guided her to become a counselor today. Providing loving care for the children and building a trusting relationship with them allows elementary school students to relax in their new and unfamiliar environment. Aja Johnson is every student's unfaltering "at school mom."

Overall, my experience has been incredible through what I have learned and the people I have met. I would like to thank Club Boulevard for hosting our class, and a huge thank you to Aja for opening up her life, speaking honestly and freely, and never shying away from the camera. It has been a pleasure working with her and everyone at Club.