Making Melodies

By Nick Andrade

Ms. Allen and Ms. Sarah bring music to the lives of the underprivileged at Club Boulevard Elementary with KidzNotes, an afterschool music program for students at 5 Durham Public Schools. At KidzNotes, students learn and practice both general music and violin skills multiple times per week at Club, as well as in group rehearsals with the other schools on weekends at the Holton Center in East Durham. KidzNotes aims to enact social change through musical instruction, helping children to make melodies with their lives.

I chose KidzNotes as the subject of my project because music has always been a powerful influence in my life. The opportunity to begin exploring this wonderful world at the young age of 5 was completely unheard of to me before. At my school in New York, we were lucky to begin playing instruments at age 11, as we entered Middle School. KidzNotes truly is something special, jumpstarting the social and cognitive development of these children while simultaneously allowing them to acquire a powerful creative outlet.

I'd like to thank Ms. Allen and Ms. Sarah for their continued support throughout this process, as well as Professor Post-Rust for guiding me along the way! It has been a wonderful semester getting to know these kids and witnessing them grow into better musicians and people. I hope you enjoy watching KidzNotes in action!