Mr. Moses

By Meade Inglis

Mr. Moses' job is to take care of Club Boulevard Elementary's building. He does this for the students, the teachers, and the administrators of the school but also for the people of his church, which meets in the gymnasium. Balancing all of this, his hours here are long. Many of his late nights at school are even prefaced by early mornings doing yard maintenance. Such hard work became a lifestyle for Mr. Moses long before these past eighteen years at Club, when he began picking tobacco at age nine in the fields of Dillon, South Carolina.

Documenting Mr. Moses has given me perspective in my definition of "hard work." It has confirmed the importance of those whose labor may be on the periphery of a place's central focus. It has shown me how, without glorifying it or trivializing its difficulty, keeping a light heart through such labor is possible and can make such a behind the scenes world have a positive impact on places like Club Boulevard Elementary.