Mr. Nicholson's Kindergarten

By Breanna Atkinson

My project was focused on documenting the daily lives of Mr. Nicholson and his students in the classroom. Mr. Nicholson is incredibly energetic, almost as energetic as his own students. Every moment in his classroom is filled with laughs and moments of discovery. There are not many people that can manage a classroom of kindergartners like Mr. Nicholson can, and his passion for his students is something that leaps from all of the images here. There are no better examples of what a fun learning environment should be.

From the first day in Club, I noticed Mr. Nicholson as an energetic, funny guy who would be an amazing subject for my project. This held true for the entire semester. Mr. Nicholson inspires not only his students but also anyone that steps foot into his classroom, as I have been lucky enough to do. I would like to thank Mr. Nicholson and all of his bubbly, fun students for allowing me to be a part of their classroom this semester. It has been an experience that I will never forget.