Ms. Hopkins

By Xirui Liu

Ms. Hopkins is a dance teacher at Club Boulevard Elementary School, teaching every single student from K1 to 5th grade. She joined Club in September 2012 and has been teaching dance at Durham public schools for 10 years. This project captures precious moments of Ms. Hopkins teaching and interacting in class, running rehearsals for dance concert and showcases, and bringing happiness and passion to her students.

Some of her students may think that Ms. Hopkins is strict because she sets high standards and wants her students to learn and enjoy dancing as an art, rather a type of game or recess. She is also a very caring teaching with great attention to details, checking dancers' shoes are well tied before going onto the stage and making sure all students really understand each gesture before moving on to the next one. Her passion in dance and caring personality transform her classroom into a place where students discover the beauty of movement. Lastly, I want to say thank you to Ms. Hopkins and her students for welcoming me into their dance world and giving me the chance to witness and capture all the passion and happiness.