Ms. Phillips

By Ge Jin

Ms. Phillips is the principal of Club Boulevard Elementary School. Although she just came to Club in July, 2015, she has become an essential part of the school. For students, she is a fair and respectable person. For teachers, she is a supportive leader. This project depicts her relationships with students, teachers and parents as well as her ideology on public education.

The first time I met Ms. Phillips, I was on the tour at Club with students from my documentary course and she was showing us around. However, when we encountered with a little kid who wandered in the hallway, she immediately squatted to his eye level, asked his need, hold his little hand and walked him to his classroom. That moment epitomize her care and respect for kids and I knew it would be great to document her life as a principal.

As I became familiar with her, I found that the responsibility and amount of work of a principal in a public school in Durham was beyond my imagination. Working from 6:30 AM to 5:00 PM, the time and effort Ms. Phillips put in to every kid and teacher exemplified her passion for public education. I wish through this project people could have a better understanding of her as well as everyone who devote to the career of education.