Ms. Wall's Class Family

By Mary Wilson

Ms. Wall, a fifth grade teacher at Club Boulevard, has looped up with many of the students in her class since 2nd grade. Originally Ms. Wall, a Durham native, wanted to be a veterinarian; through teaching about animals at the NC museum of Life and Sciences, she fell in love with teaching. She believes that all kids need equal access to education and truly lives out this mission. She refers to her class as a Class Family and integrates lessons about redemption, acceptance and effective communication into her science, social studies and math classes. Ms. Wall is the kind of teacher and person that inspires those around her to be the best version of themselves. All 23 of her students are highlighted in this show, because each of them is so important and brilliant. This story shows the big picture version of these tiny day to day moments and one teachers experience and understanding of why and how she teaches. From the first time I met Ms. Wall, the steady strength and power of her voice stood out to me. This is her story to tell and I see myself in this piece as a facilitator that helped share this story about Ms. Wall and her class family. After spending several hours each week with Ms. Wall's Class Family this semester, three things were very apparent. Firstly, fifth grade is a really incredible year. It's the last time that the students will have the same homeroom teacher and this element of consistency in their lives is really special. Secondly, all 23 of Ms. Wall's students are phenomenal in their own way. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly: we need more teachers like Ms. Wall.