Two Super Sisters

By Rinchen Dolma

It's a privilege to get know and work with Emily and Andrea Garcia this semester. Both the sisters are studying at Club Boulevard Elementary School. Emily is in fifth grade and Andrea is in second grade. They are the first generation kids from their family to attend school in the U.S. The four siblings are born here but their parents are originally from Mexico. Like many first generation immigrant children they are also growing up in a bicultural and bilingual environment. These two sisters always stand in the forefront of their family. They are the translators for their parents, role models and care takers for their younger siblings. Sometimes it's easy to forget they are just little elementary school kids.

Both Emily and Andrea study at Club Boulevard Humanities Magnet School. This is Emily's last year at Club and she is graduating next semester. She will become the first graduate in the family and everyone is so excited for the beginning of her middle school.

At school like any another elementary kids, they play, study and enjoy their days with friends. However, sometimes they find it's very hard to navigate and balance their existence in these dual worlds. But no matter how confusing the road and daily experiences are. They enjoy and cherish every moment because at the end of the day they always know that they have each other and they have the supports of their loving family and friends.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank their family members and class teachers for letting me spend time with them and get to experience some of the most important moments of their childhood with them. I cherish and treasure each and every minutes I spent with them. I wish them the best for their endeavors in life.